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Improve your computer skills

Learn My Way

Learn My Way is an online course that teaches both the basics of computers and the internet in a relaxed atmosphere with on site support available to assist  you.

This is a completely flexible way of learning that allows you to start at any point you want, it allows you to change subjects at any point and you are also free to repeat areas you have already completed.

Suitable for anyone

Suitable for anyone wanting to learn the basics of computers and the internet. You are able to work at your own pace, but comfortable in the knowledge that help and support is available during the session.

When are sessions?

Learn My Way sessions are held on Fridays from 9:30am - 3.00pm 

Want to work from home?

Want to complete this course from home?

Please visit  and register today!

UK Online Centre ID: 3454891

(These sessions are  completely FREE)

Learn my way also features

  • Staying safe online
  • Job Searching online
  • Improving your health online
  • Managing your money online
  • Using Public Services
  • Online Shopping
  • Digital photography

More information

If you would like more information about the digital services at Brunswick Hub, download our leaflet here or just drop in and see what we can offer.