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01926 422 123

Our Trustees

We currently have 4 Trustees who dedicate their time to the governance and development of BHLC.

Deb Saunders

John Lyons

Stanislaw Sakowicz-Librowski

Rosie Lavelle

Ever thought of becoming a Trustee?

Think it is all paperwork, boring meetings and remote from the community?

Why not come and visit and see how being a Trustee at BHLC will change your mind?

We need enthusiastic people who are willing to give time, get involved and be prepared to really experience making a difference to people.

Please consider helping us to ensure good  governance and to develop and grow the Charity.

Get in touch

If you like what you see and want to know more about becoming a Trustee please get in touch on our telephone number 01926 422 123 to talk to us, or why not visit and experience us first hand?