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Public Computers and Related Services

Public Computers

2 computers that can be booked in 1 hour slots for you to access the internet (Monday - Friday 10.00am - 2.45pm).  You can also just drop in and see if there is one free.

Printing is available from these computers - See 'Photocopying' below for pricing.

Photocopying & Scanning

Both black & white and colour photocopying are available at the Hub.

Black & White:  10p per A4 side, 20p per A3 side

Colour: 35p per A4 side,50p per A3 side

We can also scan documents to an email address - There is a £1 standard charge for this (regardless of how many pages).

Please note: If you wish to photocopy a passport, we can only do so if the passport holder is present and signs a passport disclaimer form.

Please note that those wishing to use any of the above services will need to register beforehand.