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Our New Front Garden!

A few weeks ago, the Leamington Prince’s Trust group took on the project of improving the garden area along the frontside of the Hub.

The group are taking part in the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, a 12 week course for 16-25yr olds that aims to boost confidence and employability skills with teambuilding, work experience and community projects.

Before coming to the Hub, the team spent time fundraising in various ways for money to spend on the materials they needed for the project, and manage to raise over £400. They collected donations from the public, organised a raffle and did a 100k walk between them to raise their funds. They also procured donations and negotiated discounts from suppliers for their materials.

The garden area outside the front of the Hub consisted of weeds & overgrowing bushes and unfortunately often became a place that passers-by would drop their litter.

Photo of tall, messy bushes     Photo of weeds in messy garden

The team also aimed to tidy up some of the areas along the side of the building that needed a little attention.

Trio of photos of weeds on side of a building

The seven students and their team leaders spent 2 weeks digging out the existing plants & weeds and lining the beds before putting down bags fulls of slate. They then built and painted planters to install, filled them with soil and sowed seeds. They also added some small plants and succulents to the slated area and spent time giving some tlc to the sides of the building.

Students cutting down bushesStudents checking work in gardenStudents cutting weedsStudents working on the grden areaStudents building wooden plantersStudents installing planter

It was very hot weather during the period they were here at the Hub and they worked tirelessly to finish the project to a high standard!

Photo of finished garden area Photo of finished garden area

Photo of frontside of building with new garden in view  Photo of finished garden areas including new planter

Special thanks to Tesco (Leamington Spa) Community Champion, Gerald; MKM; and Grangewood Fencing Supplies for the donated and/or discounted materials, as well as Spa Trophies who made a beautiful plaque for the planter to commemorate the Prince’s Trust’s hard work.

Picture of the team from Princes Trust outside Brunswick Hub
And we’d of course like to say a massive thanks to Prince’s Trust Team 178: Jacob; Beth; Max; Sophie; Tom; Syaf; and Moataz, as well as team leaders Martin and Rhys for all of their time and hard work on this project. The front garden looks brilliant and they have done a really good job!
Published July 2023
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