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The Secret Garden: One Year Later

Last May, we started work on our ‘Secret Garden’ and now, a year on, it’s looking better than we imagined, all thanks to the time and effort that many have put into it.

Picture showing garden in May 2019 and now in May 2020 Another view of the garden as it is currently.

Since we began last year, we’ve had a greenhouse built that now grows vegetables and the garden is filled with blooming flowers and cheery decorations. Volunteers and members of the local community have been involved with creating a positive place that anybody can visit.

Mental Health Together have been running ‘Pottering Around’, a group on a Friday morning and those that have attended have done a great job planting and adding more to the garden.

We would love to be enjoying the garden at the moment, especially with how much lovely weather we have had recently and can’t wait to see it in person again. Many thanks to those who are doing a great job looking after it whilst the Hub is closed for Lockdown!

View of secret garden  Picture of garden planter with colourful decorations


Published May 2020
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